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I am a young “green” industrious web developer, whose goal is to be a skilful craftsman in digital design. I get a kick, when I am working together with skilled people that achieve the best results by using the right tools, talking the digital terminology and combining different specialties. I love digital design, and I am one-of-a-kind designer, who is specialised in thinking outside, inside, above or next to the box, ore radically thinking in triangles and circles, and then making these creative solutions/ideas into realisable designs.

I enjoy talking with all kinds of people! I love working in teams, and it is always my top priority to contribute as much as I can, to make it the nicest and best functional group it can be, because several brains always thinks better then one. I am a social intelligent, energetic, humoristic and responsible guy, who hasn’t met a person yet, I wasn’t able to talk to. My name is Søren Søgaard Hygum by the way.

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My biggest passion is to produce illustrative. I have always been drawing and painting, and hence produced a lot of paintings, sketches for tattoos, print for clothes, logos and much more for those who were interested. I take all the projects I can get my hands on, because I love producing stuff for others by using my skills. Given that I mainly produce for others then myself, I have been able to train my objective artistic eye, which secures the best result for the client despite my subjective opinions. I get a rush when I am able to visualize what others is thinking and create a cool experience for those who is watching or using my creations. Creating the right experience evokes my sub-passion for creating amazing UX online. Through my multimedia education I have evolved my illustrative passion to a hands-on ability that you can read more about further down in the deep.

For most people the greatest ideas comes in the shower. For me they occur when I am either out running or playing music. Playing music erases all boundaries while the running keeps my energy level down, because it tends to run away with me.

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Graph over færdigheder

Basically I can do anything – almost. The first time I heard about html, css, Illustrator and Photoshop, was when I started at the multimediadesigner education in January 2014, and it was a gigantic fish-eye-opener for me. For the first time I could see myself making a living using my crazy way of thinking and my passion for producing illustrative. This immediate passion made my skills in the field evolve with typhoon-category-5-speed, which is why I have been able to produce this portfolio from the bottom, with knowledge gained in little over a year. In the beginning I thought I should be a frontend developer and I gained some skills by diving straight into the world of coding. I love to code but my inner nerd wants to design and he wants to become a shark at it! That has made me a designer, which doesn’t run away when hearing the word coding – on the contrary.

Check out more of my skills by diving to the bottom and visit my LinkedIn ore developer-profile.

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Coolwalrus has gathered a collection of my previous work and hide it deep in the deepest deeps of the World Wide Web. So far away, not even Google bots can find it! Take the journey and find the hidden treasure. Warning: the voyage should only be taken on a laptop, because it is too intense to comprehend on smaller devices.

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Check out the links below were you can find the personal-me on facebook, or find my professional-me on linkedIn, or check out my developer profile on teamtreehouse. Send me a mail or just call me anytime! +45 22 62 38 89

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